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Comic Con Zombie Walk 2013

The San Diego Comic Con held it’s Zombie Walk on Saturday, July 20th 2013.  As usual, Smoking Zombies was there with camera in hand.  These are just a few of the Zombies that shuffled through downtown San Diego.  Of course the Ferrari and the hot chick in the Ferrari were simply cruising the Comic Con – not participating in the 2013 Zombie Walk.

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World War Z Review of Reviews

For me, World War Z did not disappoint.   For the record, I have never been much of a Brad Pitt fan but I thought he did fine in this movie.  In fact, I liked everything about the movie.  I thought the plot was good, I liked the character development, the action was intense and the Zombies were awesome.

I was skeptical about seeing this movie after reading the reviews on Yahoo – it seemed that most either loved it giving it four or five stars while others hated it giving it a one star rank.

Most of the one star reviews carried complaints about how the movie didn’t follow the book – my question is “does the movie ever follow the book?”  I don’t think it is possible for a movie to cover every detail that is found in the book.  I read World War Z and I thought that for a two hour synopsis they did a good job following the book.

The other big complaint that reviewers noted was that the plot had holes in it.  Really!  This is a zombie movie, for gods sake.  I wouldn’t expect anything but holes in a plot when a movie is about a world wide disease that is sweeping from country to country with no apparent answers as to why or how it is converting people into zombies.

Speaking of zombies by the way, the World War Z zombies were some of the better zombies I have seen.  In hoards they move like water and have no hesitations when it comes to running off the top of a building, along busy streets or over any kind of terrain for that matter.  Individually their movements and vocalizations are freakish and disturbing.  They really have to be seen to be appreciated.

BOTTOM LINE, if you are a zombie fan do yourself a favor and go see this movie.  I am sure I will own it when it comes available.

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Walking Dead: Season 3 Episode 4 “Killer Within”

Walking Dead:  Season 3 Episode 4  “Killer Within”

Who knew that when Rick locked Andrew in the yard with all those Zombies that he would make it out alive?  Andrew not only survived but figured out a way to lead a herd of Zombies inside the safe area that Rick and his crew had cleared.  Simultaneously, Andrew figured out how to trigger the escape alarm which brought more Zombies into the safe area.  All this action began just as Herschel taking his new crutches for a spin.

As the group scattered and strategically killed Zombies, Lori (Ricks pregnant whore wife), her rotten little kid Carl and Maggie run for their lives through the prison sending Lori into labor.  In yet another selfish move she convinces Maggie to perform a c-section on her knowing with certainty that she will die leaving Carl and a bastard new born with poor Rick (who probably thought the Zombie Apocalypse was the worst thing that could happen to him).  As Maggie leaves the make shift delivery room with the new born, Carl decides that he needs to cap Lori off since she too will become a Zombie if he does not put a bullet in her brain.  Maggie stands outside and hears two gun shots – I don’t believe for a moment that Carl was able to man up and pull the trigger.  I think that after Rick has to deal with Lori and Shane’s love child and his own little monster that he is also going to have to thump Lori’s Zombified body with a pick axe to boot.  Poor Rick – he should have let Shane finish him off in that field behind Herschel’s house in season 2.

Meanwhile, T-Dog and Carol are scrambling through the prison trying to escape Zombies when T-Dog sadly gets bitten.

In one final show of manhood, T-Dog sacrifices his now bitten body to a group of Zombies so Carol can escape.  As this is happening Rick, Axle, Oscar and Daryl are looking for the power room so they can shut down the alarm.  When they find the alarm room they also find Andrew who immediately attacks Rick.  During their fight Rick’s gun is knocked from his hand and slides right to Oscar who picks it up and, to Rick’s surprise, shoots Andrew in the head and promptly gives the gun back to Rick.  Perhaps this power move will put Oscar and Axle in a better position with Rick and the others.


After a long afternoon of Zombie head splitting it seems that the prison is again secure.  Rick begins calling for Lori and Carl only to have Maggie carrying the baby and Carl emerge from the cell block without Lori.  Rick collapses in a heap with the knowledge that Lori is lost to the zombie apocalypse.


This Episode also had some scenes from the Governor’s compound (Woodbury) but nothing really noteworthy took place here – more of Michonne’s distrust and Andrea wanting more and more to stay a bit longer.  I am pretty sure that hanging out in Woodbury won’t work out so well for the ladies.

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Zombie / Military Show Down at Paradise Point


Zombie / Military Show Down at Paradise Point

Not just another military training exercise – this is serious – Zombies –vs- Marines and Spec-op forces.  The exercise will take place at Halo’s annual Counter-Terrorism Summit security conference and will feature zombies invading Paradise Point Resort in San Diego.

All 44 acres of the island resort will be transformed with Hollywood-style sets including a Middle Eastern village and pirate’s cove.  The event will include approximately 1000 military personnel as well as police and state and federal government officials.

Brad Barker, president of the Halo Corp. security company said that “No doubt when a zombie apocalypse occurs, it’s going to be a federal incident, so we’re making it happen,”.

“Barker said that the “zombie apocalypse is very whimsical,” and that the scenario was created to “add some levity to the more-dire scenarios that summit goers will encounter,” including terrorists roaming hospital halls shooting people and pilots trapped behind enemy lines.

That said, an affinity for zombie television shows and movies could help provide a teachable moment not only for US troops, but also for the American public.”

As referenced in earlier blog posts, the Zombie Apocalypse has been used in campaigns by the Department of Homeland Security and the CDC in order to raise emergency preparedness.

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Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 3 “Walk With Me”

Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 3 “Walk With Me”


“Walk With Me” begins with Andrea, Michonne and Zombies in tow witnessing the crash landing of a Huey with military personnel on board.  As the two ladies are investigating the crash site two vehicles approach and the women with their Zombies retreat back to observe through the cover of the foliage.  Andrea and Michonne are surprised by the re-appearance of Merle who takes them both into his custody.  Just before Merle surprises the two ladies, Michonne decapitates her two Zombies because they are getting excited over the smell of fresh bodies from the copter crash.

Merle, by the way, seems much calmer, perhaps that is because he now has what looks like a prosthetic right hand club type thing that acts as an attachment for a wicked looking bayonet and probably some other things for Zombie killing.

The two ladies, sans Zombies, are taken to a blockaded town run by a man know as the Governor – kind of a Rick sort of character only in much better circumstances.  This town has nearly 80 people working and living in it, they are heavily armed and seem to be a peaceful, trusting community working toward a single cause.


The Governor learns from the rescued helicopter pilot that an armed group of soldiers remains near the town.  It is now that we begin to learn the ruthless nature of the Governor as he and a band of his militia approach the vulnerable group of soldiers and gun them down in order to absorb their supplies and ammo.  The Governor seems to be a bad ass willing to take any necessary steps to protect what he has been able to accomplish.

During this episode Andrea seems to be warming up to the Governor while Michonne is full of distrust.


This episode ends with the Governor walking through his living quarters which appear very comfortable and large.  As he strolls though his space he has a drink in hand walks by a bed where a woman lies and then he plops himself into a big cozy sofa / recliner.  The camera pans around behind him and shows him looking at a wall stacked with large aquariums that all contain two or three decapitated human heads.  Hmmm – zombie heads or heads of those that resisted him.  I guess we will find out soon enough!

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Zombie Smoke

Photos and Art of Smoking Zombies

The other day we did a quick Google Images search with the phrase “Smoking Zombies” to see how many pictures of our smoking zombies were on the internet.  During this search we also found some really cool photos and artwork of smoking zombies.  Enjoy!

Photos of Smoking Zombies


Smoking Zombie Art




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The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 2

Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 2

After the first ten minutes of watching Episode 2 of Season 3 I thought that it was nice that Rick finally grew a pair.

This Episode entitled “Sick” begins in cell block C with Rick, Daryl and Glenn trying to get a freshly stump legged Hershel onto a metal table to wheel him back to the others for help.  All the while a group of prisoners watch from the cafeteria in horror.  As Rick and the others rush Hershel out Daryl faces off with the prisoners keeping them at bay with his crossbow.

Daryl, T-Dog and Rick stop the prisoners from entering the cell block and learn that they have no idea of the extent of the problem with the Zombies.  One of the prisoners is a man named Tomas who appears to be a dangerous loose cannon type and immediately get Rick’s and Daryl’s attention.

Zombies in the Cell Block

Rick and Tomas get into an argument over who gets to stay in cell block C and Rick asserts that “We took out these walkers (zombies); this prison is ours,”, but he eventually agrees to help clear out another cell block for the prisoners in exchange for half of the prison food rations.

In the mean time Carol and Lori dress Hershel’s bloody stump, while Glenn, Maggie and Beth look on and discuss the chances of Hershel’s recovery.

Zombie Killing Techniques

Back in the main part of the prison Tomas takes Rick, Daryl and T-Dog to the pantry, which is well-stocked with food.  Afterward, Daryl and Rick instruct the prisoners on how to kill the Zombies.  When the group encounters the first walkers the prisoners charge forward, punching and stabbing the walkers in the chest and stomach while Rick and Daryl look on with disgust.  In a second wave fight with walkers, prisoner Big Tiny gets bitten by a zombie and Tomas drives his pick axe into his at least ten times spraying blood everywhere.  To say that Rick and Daryl look concerned during Tomas’ killing of Big Tiny is an understatement.

As Rick and the others reach the new cell block for the prisoners, Tomas ignores Rick’s instructions to open only one door to control the flow of Zombies and he opens both and a wave of walkers descend on the group. During the melee, Tomas first swings his weapon sweeping it past Ricks head and then he stabs a Zombie in the gut and pushes it on top of Rick, but Daryl quickly intervenes to save Rick.

Shit Happens

After the group clears out these walkers, Tomas insists his move against Rick was just self-defense, claiming, “Shit happens.” Rick smiles and agrees and then explosively and without hesitation drives his machete deep into Tomas’ skull.  Rick then chases a second prisoner (who swung a bat at him after the Tomas incident) into a locked outdoor compound with Zombies inside.  Rick tells him that he better learn to run and then he locks the prisoner out of the cell block where he becomes zombie food.

At the end of this episode it looks as though Hershel is going to make it.  Lori and Rick talk about their future and Rick coldly thanks her for helping save Hershel and then he walks away.

Rick is getting to be one tough ruthless SOB in this world of Zombies – and I like it!

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Zombies Protest in Support Our Troops

Facebook Zombies Rally To Support The Military

Most of us see Zombies as staggering creatures with a never ending desire to eat human flesh.  As it turns out, the Zombie culture paints a different picture allowing others to see us in a different light.  This was proven recently when a hoard of facebook organized a Zombie apocalypse in DuPont Washington turned out to counter protest a group of organized wack jobs from the Westboro Baptist Church.

Zombies Out Number the Westboros

It seems that members / supporters of the Westboro Baptist Church had showed up for a protest outside the Joint Base Lewis-McChord when they were met by a far larger group of counter protestors dressed as Zombies.

The Zombie counter protest was organized by  Melissa Neace and three of her friends organized the “Zombie‘ing Westboro Baptist Church AWAY from Fort Lewis!” event.

Apparently Zombies out numbered the wack jobs by 300 to 8.  Go, go Zombie Girl!!!!!

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Zombie CPR

Zombies Spearhead New CPR Video

We came across this great video intended to bring awareness to the simplicity and life saving ability of CPR.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation has seen the benefits of using a zombie themed public service announcement since everyone seems to be enthralled with zombies these days (this includes us of course!)  At Smoking Zombie we simply see the humor and irony in this clips basic premise.  The poor lady in the clip has a heart attack and drops during her struggles to avoid a mass of zombies.

CPR From A Zombie

The zombie hoard resuscitates her only to devour her once she is up and living again.

It is an awesome clip.  Check out this video below.

Zombie CPR

Although this video has a humorous bent to it, for real life-saving procedures you should take a look at the link below.

We at Smoking Zombie feel that this video will provide better insight into the mechanics of CPR.  Enjoy!

CPR Tutorial

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Walking Dead Season 3 Is Finally Here!

Walking Dead Returns – It’s Zombie Time

OK, so The Walking Dead season 3 has begun.  In my opinion it did not disappoint.  “Seed” was what I was hoping for during most of season 2.

Time Has Passed In Zombieland

In the beginning of “Seed” it was obvious that some time had passed since the group was being lectured by Rick at the end of season 2.  Right off the bat it was obvious that Lori’s pregnancy had significantly advanced, Carl was taller, they had guns with silencers as well as a few assault rifles and the group really seemed to understand that Rick was the more competent leader.  Rick now speaks to the group with confidence and they follow his lead in Zombieland without hesitation (except for his rotten cheating pain in the ass whore wife who still questions his decisions).

Zombie Killing in the Prison Yard

Each member of the group works with a common goal in mind as they distract and dispatch zombies with much greater efficiency then they ever did in seasons past.  Their newly discovered sense of teamwork is obvious when they are securing the outer sections of the prison yard and the first cell block that they enter.   It almost seems as though the poor zombies don’t stand a chance against this group of survivors – even Carl (the youngest) and Maggie (Hershel’s meek daughter) are relentless and skilled in zombie killing.

Hershel Bitten By A Zombie

As Rick, Daryl, Glenn and Hershel clear cell block C for their new residence, Hershel steps across a walker that suddenly grabs his ankle and bites him.  Rick reacts quickly and grabs an axe and hacks Hershel’s leg off to keep the plague from entering his body – in the background a group of previously unseen prisoners look on with horror.

In the meantime, Andrea, one of the strongest members from season’s 1 and 2 is separated from the group and is sick and weak owing her life to Michonne who is caring for her and protecting her.  It can only be a matter of time before they hook up with her original group.

I suppose we will see what happens next week….can’t wait!

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