Parasitic Flies Are Turning Honey Bees Into Zombies!

OK, we are not prepared to begin sculpting a Zombie Honey Bee but this is an interesting story.  Anyone who listens to Coast to Coast on AM radio is aware of the die off of the honey bee population.  You also may have heard numerous explanations for this phenomenon – some have even theorized that the massive die off is due to cell phone towers and their signals.

Now there is evidence that the culprit is a type of fly that injects its eggs into the bees where they grow into larva and eventually “birth” themselves through the bees neck.  Sounds pretty nasty!  Apparently as the larva are preparing to exit the bee they cause the bee to fly from its hive, at night and go to some remote location where it lands and walks aimlessly in circles, much like a zombie.  After a period of time the bee rolls onto its back and dies as the larva emerge from the underside of its neck.

Looks like even insects are not safe from the zombie plague!

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