Ultimate Zombie – Proof Vehicle

So the other day I found this photo of a Hyundai that had been all Zombie proofed.

After looking at the half dozen photos of this vehicle I asked myself  “is this what I would want to use to travel from point A to point B during the Zombie Apocalypse?”  The answer was no.  This vehicle is long on “gee whiz” but short on being utilitarian.  I would definitely use this car versus the Jeep that I commute to and from work in everyday but it would not be my number one pick.

The following photos are of vehicles that I would consider (short of a tank of course) among the ranks of an “Ultimate Zombie Vehicle“.

I consider these vehicles more “ultimate” than the Hyundai because they allow for mobility inside the vehicle and there are means with which to exit the vehicles in a fight / escape ready position.  Bigger and greater numbers of guns are additional reasons that these vehicles are Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse vehicles.

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