Obama Zombie Shot in the Head in Virginia

It seems as though the only zombie that is off limits when the infection hits would be the current president.


Over Halloween an email that displayed a “shot-in-the head Obama zombie” graphic was circulated among Virginia GOP committee members.  The email only went to supporters of the Loudoun County Republican Committee and it was an invitation to a Halloween party.  Top GOP leaders condemned the graphic and accused the Loudom County Republicans as going “WAY too far”.

Really, “WAY too far” this story is about as ridiculous as the Hot Zombie Women post that preceded this one.  The expectations of political correctness appear to have become unreasonable.  Any search on Google images for Obama Zombie, Bush Zombie or Clinton Zombie produces dozens of images that depict rotting flesh, nasty teeth, head wounds and various other characteristics of zombies.


Check out these other political zombies that rank high in Google image searches.


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